Expanding participation, improving effectiveness and increasing efficiency

The Law Society has a constitution, which sets out how the organisation should be governed and operated. It covers the process for electing and appointing members to Council, the running of general meetings and the role of our office bearers.

Read a full copy of the current constitution

Any changes to the constitution must be approved by a two-thirds majority of members voting at a general meeting.

The Council has a working party to look at how the constitution can be updated to improve participation, effectiveness and efficiency within the organisation.

Projects already completed include:

The working party

The working party looking at improving the constitution has the following members:

Sheekha Saha

Sheekha is Convener of the working party and is a Council member representing parts of the Highlands and Islands. She works as a solicitor for the Western Isles Council and is a committee member of the In-House Lawyers' Group.

John Reid

John is a lay member of Council and Executive Chairman of Limpet Technology, a company which has developed a climb assist / fall prevention product for use on wind turbines and oil platforms.

Eileen Sumpter

Eileen is a Council member representing Fife. She convenes the Civil Legal Aid Quality Assurance Committee and is an active member of the Civil Legal Aid Committee.

Jim Gallagher

Jim is one of our lay members on Council. He is a former Head of the Scottish Government's Justice Directorate and Director General for devolution in the UK Ministry of Justice.

George MacWilliam

George represents solicitors in parts of the Highlands and is a solicitor with McArthur & Co in Inverness.

Alan Watt

Alan is the principal solicitor at Watt Law, based in Cumbernauld, specialising in criminal defence, family law and child law.

If you have an idea on how the Society's constitution could be improved, have a question or would like to find out more, then contact the working party's secretary:

Kevin Lang, Director of Communications, or Tel 0131 476 8167