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Our committees carry out vital work on a range of issues to do with improving the law and legal practice as well as protecting the public interest. Further information on the work of the committees is also available.

Committees advertise for vacancies approximately three times a year and each round is highlighted in our regular monthly email Bulletin.

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Council of Bars and Law Societies of Europe (CCBE) representative

We are looking to appoint an experienced and enthusiastic representative to the UK delegation of the Council of Bars and Law Societies of Europe (CCBE).

The CCBE represents the bars and law societies of 32 member countries and 13 further associate and observer countries, and through them more than 1 million European lawyers. The UK delegation is made up of representatives from each of the UK member organisations, namely the law societies of Scotland, England and Wales, and Northern Ireland, the Bar Council of England and Wales, the Bar of Northern Ireland and the Faculty of Advocates. 

The role of CCBE representative is to put forward the views and interests of the Law Society of Scotland in relation to policy decisions affecting the work and management of the CCBE. 

Applications are open from Monday 29 August – Monday 10 October 2016

What does being the CCBE representative involve?

Over an initial three-year term, you will be expected to provide knowledge and expertise of at least one area of law and to contribute to the work of relevant committees on behalf of the Law Society of Scotland and the wider UK delegation.  

You will need to participate in approximately five 2-hour conference calls per year (to take place in advance of each standing committee meeting), two plenary sessions and two independent face-to-face delegation meetings, hosted in Edinburgh, London or Belfast by each of the member organisations in rotation. Additional meetings, for example discussions with other individual delegations, may be held.

Another important requirement of the role is to report fully and regularly to the Law Society Council on the work of the CCBE.

The post is not remunerated but reasonable travel and accommodation costs for attendance at delegation meetings and plenary sessions will be covered by the Society and the UK delegation will cover the cost of all conference calls.

Who can apply?

We’re looking for someone with demonstrable knowledge and experience of – as well as a keen interest in – EU matters as they relate to policy, law reform and the regulation of the legal profession. 

You must have relevant committee experience and ideally also have experience of representing the interests of a body to which you have been affiliated in a wider forum.  You must be collegiate and enjoy working as part of a collaborative UK team.

How to apply

If you are interested in the role of the Society’s representative on the UK delegation of the CCBE, please fill out the application form and return to Marina Sinclair-Chin, Head of International at by 5pm on Monday, 10 October 2016.  For more information about this role, please contact Marina by email or by calling 0131 476 8136.   

 More information about the CCBE

The CCBE was founded in 1960, as the ramifications of the European Economic Community on the legal profession started to be seriously considered. During the decades which followed and through to the present day, the CCBE has been in the forefront of advancing the views of European lawyers and defending the legal principles upon which democracy and the rule of law are based. The CCBE is an international non-profit-making association incorporated in Belgium.

The CCBE is recognised as the voice of the European legal profession by the national bars and law societies on the one hand, and by the EU institutions on the other. It acts as the liaison between the EU and Europe's national bars and law societies. The CCBE has regular institutional contacts with those European Commission officials, and members and staff of the European Parliament, who deal with issues affecting the legal profession.

  • Delegations

The full members of the CCBE are grouped in national delegations, each of which is composed of a maximum of 6 individuals. Each delegation nominates a Head of delegation and an Information Officer who is responsible for all communications between his/her delegation and the other delegations, and with the Secretariat of the CCBE.  The UK delegation’s Information Officer is Mickaël Laurans, Head of the UK law societies’ joint Brussels Office.

Each delegation is expected to take an active role in the CCBE and to adopt positions in relation to policy decisions affecting the work and management of the CCBE.  

  • Committees

Specialist committees and working groups, made up of nominees and experts from the delegations, research and report on areas affecting the European legal profession. Topics include lawyers’ ethics, the free movement of lawyers, training and international trade in legal services.  Other committees look at more substantive areas of law, such as criminal law, family law and contract law.

For more information about this role, please contact Marina Sinclair-Chin, Head of International at or 0131 476 8136.

For more information about our international work, visit /members/international/

Current Committee Vacancies

There are positions – for both Solicitor and non-Solicitor members – for the following committees. The deadline for all committee positions is 26 August 2016 at 5pm. The application form can be found at right hand side of this page.

Rules, Waivers and Guidance Sub-Committee

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Planning Law Sub-Committee

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