Flexible traineeships

In order to encourage firms and organisations to consider taking on a trainee, the Society is promoting flexible traineeships and introducing a system to assist with this. This page outlines some of the benefits of flexible traineeships and how the Society can assist. You can read about an example of a flexible traineeship.

What are flexible traineeships?

Traditionally, the traineeship is a full-time, two-year training contract at one organisation but there is increasing demand for an alternative to this. Some examples of flexible traineeships are:

  • shared traineeships - when a trainee works at more than one firm or organisation over the course of the traineeship
  • part-time traineeships - when a trainee works on a part-time basis, and the length of the traineeship is altered to reflect the part-time hours
  • further secondments - a trainee may have the opportunity to go on secondment more than once during the training period

Please note that a traineeship must be two years or the equivalent pro rata for part-time training.

What are the potential benefits of a flexible traineeship?

Flexible traineeships can offer significant advantages to organisations and prospective trainees.

For organisations this can include:

  • shared cost of salary and training
  • reduced cost of salary if the trainee is working part-time
  • potential reduction in recruitment costs for solicitors in the future
  • trainees with unique experiences and new perspectives
  • attracting new lawyers into your organisation
  • developing your business profile
  • building links with clients

For trainees this can include:

  • unique opportunities for training
  • a traineeship that fits in with your personal requirements
  • the opportunity to work in different environments and practice areas
  • a range of clients and projects during the traineeship
  • building links with organisations in the legal profession

How can the Law Society assist?

We have set up a database to assist firms and organisations wishing to share a trainee. We know some organisations may want a trainee to work two days a week, whereas others may wish a trainee to be involved in a project over a period of six months. However, as there are organisations of all sizes and practice areas across Scotland, it can be difficult to find another organisation that also wishes to share a trainee in a format that suits everyone. The Society's role will be to act as a conduit, putting firms and organisations in touch with others who would consider a flexible traineeship option. The form to join the database can be accessed here.

How will it work?

If you are considering sharing a trainee, please complete the flexible traineeship online form. Please note there is no obligation to commit to taking a trainee at any stage. The form will ask you for your contact details and details of what you would consider (eg taking a trainee for part of the week, or for longer periods, such as six or twelve months).

By submitting the form, you will give permission for the Society to share your details with other organisations on the list. Your details will not be shared with anyone outwith the list. The Society will share the database with every organisation that has submitted their details on a monthly basis.

All firms and organisations should contact potential partner organisations directly to discuss sharing a trainee. If a shared traineeship is, in principle, agreed by two or more organisations, please contact Katie Wood for further information and advice about proceeding with this.

Please note that flexible traineeships are subject to the approval of the Society's Admissions Sub-Committee. Once approved, traineeships can then be advertised free of charge on www.lawscotjobs.co.uk.

You can contact us at any time if you no longer wish to be included on the database.

For more information or advice in relation to flexible traineeships, email katiewood@lawscot.org.uk or call 0131 476 8367.


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