Update Silver Club - save on CPD & training fees

Tired of paying higher training fees for your non solicitor team?

Update Silver Club

Currently your non solicitor staff are paying at least 25% more than solicitors to attend our training and personal development courses. How would you like to save that money?

Update conference & events offers award winning training and development throughout Scotland as well as online. With over 100 courses a year we offer both legal update training as well as topics covering regulations, finance, marketing, data protection along side management skills such as project management and writing skills.

We realise that many of these topics are of interest and value to your non solicitor team members.

So, we would like to offer your organisation the opportunity to join our FREE Update Silver Club - giving all of your non solicitors the same access to training as well as the same savings as your solicitor team members.

For access to the club, please contact us here to get your organisations unique club code to use when booking.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Club!