In-house Lawyers' Committee

In 2015 the Society set up the In-house Lawyers' Committee (ILC) as a committee sitting with in the Society's governance.  The ILC continues the work of the In-House Lawyers' Group (ILG), which was established in 1973 as a non-regulatory, independent committee of the Society. 

The ILC represents, supports and promotes the interests and status of our members working in-house in Scotland and beyond.

For more information please contact the Committee Secretary, Beth Anderson by email or on 0131 476 8132.

Claudia Bennett

Claudia is a solicitor in the Office of the Advocate General. Prior to this she was a Sernior Solicitor with the Equality and Human Rights Commission

Having grown up in socialist Germany, I went over to the West when the wall came down to study law. In my mid-twenties I decided that it was time to learn English and went on a language course to London, where I promptly fell for the city (and a Welsh man living there). 

When I was offered a job in a law firm, I moved to London and re-qualified to practice law in England and Wales. After a short spell in private practice, I became legal adviser to the International Transport Worker's Federation. That was a very international and diverse job, which I loved and held for 7 years until I moved to Scotland 4 years ago. After re-qualifying yet again, I joined the Equality and Human Rights Commission in March 2010. 

There, I managed EHRC Scotland's enforcement team and have been involved in project work, litigation, enforcement and legal policy activity. 

Email: c/o the Committee Secretary