In-house Lawyers Committee

In 2015 the Society set up the In-house Lawyers Committee (ILC) as a committee sitting with in the Society's governance.  The ILC continues the work of the In-House Lawyers' Group (ILG), which was established in 1973 as a non-regulatory, independent committee of the Society. 

The ILC represents, supports and promotes the interests and status of our members working in-house in Scotland and beyond.

For more information please contact the Committee Secretary, Beth Anderson by email or on 0131 476 8132.

Sharon Wares

Solicitor with The Highland Council

I did my traineeship in private practice in Edinburgh,  my home town after graduating at Edinburgh University however when I qualified my first real job was working in local government in Inverness for Inverness District Council. I was very conscious when I first became an in- house lawyer that I only had experience in conveyancing and it took a very kind man to show me over the years that being an in-house lawyer involved so much more. My work still includes conveyancing which was useful when I started in local government: I also deal with data protection, freedom of information, copyright, the council companies as well as road orders. When I answered the advert to become an in-house lawyer working for the council I knew it would be varied but I couldn’t have imagined that twenty four and a half years later each day working for the Council would bring so much more to learn.

I am passionately interested in education. I helped mentor a colleague through the Law Society exams and when I was asked to clerk the district court in Lochaber I passed a PG distance learning course in District Court Practice and Procedure and when I was asked to give advice on then new Data Protection Act 1998 I passed an LLM in IT and T at Strathclyde University on information law. Both courses were undertaken with my own time and money but with the goodwill of the Council. At the moment I am learning Gaelic ..the highlands which I really knew nothing of before I moved to Inverness has taken root. I love my home city and my heart skips a beat at its beauty whenever I see it and I also know how very lucky I am to live and work in such a beautiful part of the country.

I feel very passionately about the In-house Lawyers group because it has allowed accessible high quality CPD education to members including members in the rural areas so important when a lot of members are remote from the central belt and also as so many members will work for cash strapped organisations particularly in this recession.  An organisation which does this for its members is a precious thing and when I heard that the Committee needed new members I thought I would see if I could be of use.