Scots Law Online


Authoritative online guidance for members of the Law Society of Scotland

We are delighted to offer members access to an exclusive legal online services for Scottish practitioners. In conjunction with Bloomsbury Professional, the Scottish law and tax publisher, we are providing access to these new digital services so every firm in Scotland can have authoritative online guidance in key areas of practice.

Up-to-date Affordable Content

This unique online service has recently been updated to include brand new editions of Adult Protection and The Law in Scotland, Conveyancing Practice in Scotland, and Scots Criminal Law.  New editions will be added automatically to your service at no extra charge - Mental Health, Incapacity and the Law in Scotland 2ed and Human Rights Law in Scotland 4ed will both be updated very soon.

If you haven’t subscribed to Scots Law Online services yet please CLICK HERE to request a no-obligation free trial.

Hosted on an easy-to-use and fully searchable digital platform these services offer you the following benefits:

  • Access to authoritative titles written by leading experts in Scots law and tax
  • New editions will be added to your service throughout the year at no extra cost
  • Easy online sign up through your Members Benefits site – no extra password needed
  • Less time waiting for search results - our lightning fast state-of-the-art search engine gives you immediate results
  • The ability to search between a library of information
  • Easy access to the content you use most – build your own personalised set of frequently used documents
  • Outstanding value for money – subsidised by the Law Society of Scotland
  • Unique team working and client marketing opportunities - share documents by email and through Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin
  • Google-style autocomplete search function


General Practice Online comprises:
Family Law in Scotland, 7ed; Employment Law in Scotland, 2ed; Drafting Wills in Scotland, 2ed; Trusts and Estates in Scotland 2015/16*; Inheritance Tax in Scotland 2015/16 * Mental Health, Incapacity and the Law in Scotland *; Adult Protection and the Law in Scotland, 2ed Social Work Law in Scotland, 3ed*; Delictual Liability, 5ed

Annual Subscription for up to 5 users £260

Conveyancing Law Online comprises:
Scottish Law of Leases, 4ed; Scottish Planning Law, 3ed; Conveyancing Practice in Scotland, 7ed; McDonald’s Conveyancing Manual, 7ed;  Commercial Leases, 2ed

Annual Subscription for up to 5 users £160

Criminal Law Online comprises:
Walker & Walker: The Law of Evidence in Scotland, 4ed ; Wheatley’s Road Traffic Law in Scotland, 5ed;  Scots Criminal Law by Sheriff Cubie, 2ed; A Fingertip Guide to Scots Criminal Law, 6ed; Human Rights Law in Scotland, 4ed*

Annual Subscription for up to 5 users £140

*Due to be updated in next 12 months.

To request a free trial, to watch a video demonstration of these services the homepage or, for further information, contact Bloomsbury on  email: or on 01444 416119.