KPMG Small Business Accounting


We believe that Britain’s law firms deserve better from their accountants.

Accountants should be doing much more than just filling in tax returns: they should be offering insights in all kinds of business-critical areas, from working out cash flow to generating management reports and advising on sources of finance.

And we think that this level of support should be given as part of their flat fee, without being hit with huge additional bills.

With KPMG Small Business Accounting, our new, low fixed-fee service we’re able to:

  • Help save your time by managing your bookkeeping and admin so you can focus on your clients (including being able to potentially integrate with practice management tools)
  • Protect you, by keeping you compliant and aware on tax and regulatory matters, as well as dealing with HMRC on your behalf.
  • Help you have a transparent view of where your business stands with access to your own client portal showing how you are performing at anytime, anywhere.

And with fees starting from just £145 per month, you get one-to-one advice from KPMG experts, whenever you need it. To find out more call 0808 301 5555 or visit