Wesleyan Bank Commercial Finance

The Society’s only endorsed finance provider

Wesleyan Bank understands that legal practices have highly individual requirements when it comes to finance. Whether you are considering a short-term loan to support your practice’s cash flow or a longer term plan to invest in assets or technologies, Wesleyan Bank is on hand to help.

We’ve developed our funding solutions in line with the expertise we have built over many years of working with legal firms and specific to the needs of the legal sector.

As such, we can work with you to develop a finance solution bespoke to your requirement. This is why Wesleyan Bank has been privileged to work with thousands of law firms across England, Wales and Scotland and works tirelessly to continue to improve our offering and ability to lend.

Wesleyan Bank understands your needs and will provide you with a dedicated account manager to work with you from beginning to end to ensure your finance requirements are met.

Commercial finance from Wesleyan Bank can fund:

  • PII
  • Company tax
  • PC
  • VAT
  • Assets including office equipment and machinery
  • IT finance
  • Case acquisition
  • General insurance, DX, training and subscription courses
  • Practice acquisition

For more information on any of our commercial products for legal firms, visit our website

Get in touch with Wesleyan Bank on 0800 980 9348 or email lawscot@wesleyan.co.uk

Please note: Syscap Ltd was acquired by the Wesleyan Group of companies in 2015 and is now a subsidiary of Wesleyan Bank. From 1 April 2016 Syscap Ltd will trade under the Wesleyan Bank name to the legal market. This will not affect any agreement you may currently have in place with Syscap Ltd.