Cost of time survey

Each year the Society commissions research on the cost of running a solicitor's practice. The survey is a good indicator of the general health of the profession on an annual basis. It is also a benchmarking exercise which helps solicitors set realistic fees and measure their own performance. Historically the report was valued by the Lord President's Advisory Committee in relation to the Tables of Solicitors' Fees in the Courts.

View the 2014 benchmarks and cost of time survey.

View the 2013 benchmarks and cost of time survey.

As the Society withdrew the table of fees in 2005, no recommended fees follow the survey although the historical information it provides about the cost of running the average practice remains highly relevant.

Please note there will be no cost of time survey carried out in 2015 because we are completing a tender process to appoint a new partner organisation who will carry out the survey and produce a more extensive report on our behalf.

We will be in touch with law firms asking them to complete the cost of time survey in early 2016.

If you want more information on the cost of time survey, please contact Fiona J Robb


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