Professional practice updates 2014

Professional practice updates February 2014

Consultation on home reports

The Society's Property Law Committee is responding to the Scottish Government Consultation on Home Reports.

The Consultation is in 3 sections-

Section 1 - whether the Home Report is meeting its objectives and if these objectives are still the right ones.

Section 2 - how the Home Report operates in the current market, by exploring topics raised by stakeholders and the general public since the introduction of the Home Report costs, commissioning, production, marketing, timescales, access, enforcement, access to mortgage finance, exceptions and redress.

Section 3 - the content, layout and usefulness of the Home Report documents.

The consultation closes on 27 February. If you would like to Property Committee to consider your comments please contact Mark Shepherd by 12 February.

RoS Liaison Working Party

The Land Registration etc. (Scotland) Act 2012 ("the Act") which will introduce a number of substantial changes in property law is due to be implemented in autumn 2014. The Society and the Registers of Scotland are working closely together via the RoS Liaison Working Party to ensure that the Act is implemented smoothly. The Working Party is meeting on a fortnightly basis to ensure that the policies, processes and systems which will underpin the Act meet the needs of both solicitors and the Keeper. The Working Party has been assisting the Keeper in formulating guidance on the Act for the Society's members.  A series of briefing notes and frequently asked questions will be published on the RoS website on subjects including advance notices, the cadastral map, the one shot rule and prescriptive claimants.

03 February 2014