Proposing new specialisms

Creation of specialisation protocol

  1. Parties wishing to create a new specialism shall:
    • Complete the creation of specialisation form.
    • The form shall be signed by no less than six persons of whom no less than three (including the proposer) shall be members of the Law Society of Scotland holding current practising certificates. All six signatories shall be recognised as sufficiently experienced in the proposed area of specialism to be eligible for application to become specialist in that area. Those signatories will provide CV's with the application.
    • Describe and define the nature and extent of the specialism.
    • Define why it sits apart from other areas of law/specialism.
  2. The application and any supporting material will be considered by the Professional Practice Committee who will make a decision.
    In their consideration of the application, among other factors, the Professional Practice Committee may take into account:
    • The likely number of specialists practising in the area of specialism.
    • Overlap with any other specialism.
    • General viability.
    • Volume of available work.
    • Description/definition of area of specialism.
  3. In the event the proposed specialism is approved, the Professional Practice Committee shall appoint the convener and members of an Accreditation Panel which shall consist of a minimum of six.
    In the event of the Professional Practice Committee refusing an application, the applicant may ask the Professional Practice Committee to reconsider their decision within 28 days of intimation of that refusal and may submit additional material in support of their request.
    In the event of a difficulty or a dispute, the convener of the Professional Practice Committee shall make the final decision.