List of fees for 2016/17

Practising membership

Roll Retention Fee £100 + Annual subscription £550 (pro rata) = £650

Concessionary rate: (during first two years following admission)

Roll Retention Fee £100 + £275 = £375

Guarantee Fund contribution for principals in private practice: = £180

Accounts Fee: = £400

Options for those not renewing their practising certificate

Non practising membership (NPM): Roll Retention Fee £100 + full rate £200 = £300

NPM: (solicitors not in gainful employment) Roll Retention Fee £100 + concessionary rate £100 = £200

Roll Retention fee only = £100

Card payment can be made by phoning us on 0131 476 8367 or by posting a cheque, made payable to the Law Society of Scotland, to the address at the foot of the page.

Note: payment of the Roll Retention Fee only, does not confer membership of the Society and carries no voting or attendance rights at meetings of the Society nor the right to receive Society communications including the Journal. Subscriptions to the Journal may be purchased separately by contacting us.

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