Paralegal FAQs

Can you tell me more about the full route?

It is a pre-requisite for the scheme from the start of the full route that those commencing training as a trainee registered paralegal hold a relevant qualification. 
The full route will become the sole route into the scheme, and will open after transition - stage 1 and transition - stage 2 have closed:
  • those entering via the full route will be required to hold a 'formally recognised and assessed qualification'
  • those holding such a qualification would enter the scheme as a trainee registered paralegal
  • during a one-year training period, the paralegal and solicitor will work together so that by the end of the training period, both general competences and competencies specific to the legal area in which the paralegal is working, are achieved.
  • the trainee registered paralegal will qualify as a registered paralegal as a result

As with any scheme, it will be possible for a potential applicant to apply for a waiver from the full route requirements for entry.