Paralegal FAQs

What is a registered paralegal?

Registered paralegals will meet a new standard for paralegals. The standards have been consulted on and have been finalised by the Law Society of Scotland in association with its partner, the Scottish Paralegal Association (SPA). Registered paralegals will:

  • work in support of a practising Scottish solicitor in delivering legal advice to clients
  • work according to general competencies which apply to all registered paralegals irrespective of practice area, and competencies specific to their own area of practice
  • adhere to a code of conduct aligned with Scottish solicitors' code of conduct

There have been two major consultations on the development of the Society's Registered Paralegal Scheme since 2008. Further background is contained in those consultations. Please ensure you familiarise yourself with those documents, and the content of these pages, if you are a paralegal, solicitor working with a paralegal, or a business employing a paralegal.

The Society is committed to this scheme, which seeks to define and credit the role of the paralegal in Scotland  -  for paralegals, for solicitors, and crucially for the public, who need to have faith in the knowledge and skills of the people dealing with their legal transactions.

The SPA, the Society's partner in this scheme, has firmly believed for many years that not only should the role of paralegal be promoted and that paralegals should gain the recognition they deserve, but that standards are an absolute necessity to the integrity of and respect for paralegals as an emerging profession.