Current fraud alerts

Bogus bank calls & emails – 'Safe Accounts' a new variation - 17 March 2016

In the past we have issued alerts about bogus bank calls and emails. However, this week we have been made aware of a new variation which has been attempted in the Perth area and possibly elsewhere.

The scenario reported is as follows:
• Call from a Graham Wilson saying he is with the Fraud Department of the firm’s bank (in this case Clydesdale)
• The caller states that there had been an attempted transfer from the client account to an offshore account but the Fraud Department had stopped the transfer
• The bank had frozen the account as a precaution and the call was to organise the opening of a safe account into which the firm could transfer its funds

Invoice Scams

Traditional invoice scams also appear to be making a comeback.

One firm reported receiving an 'invoice' from an office supplies business which in very small print stated it was not actually an invoice and there was no obligation to pay. Another firm received calls and emails from a scammer claiming to be from a landlord and seeking previous invoice details.