Scottish solicitor demonstrating the Law Society of Scotland Smartcard to client

Using your Smartcard

Top 10 uses for your Smartcard

This little card does a whole lot more than you might think. Watch the video and view our uses page to discover the different ways your Smartcard can help you in your role as a solicitor.

You can also watch the video on Youtube or Vimeo

Smartcard 10 Uses For Umbraco Copy

View the top 10 uses

Step-by-step guide: Using your digital signature

We've produced a step-by-step guide which explains how to apply your digital signature to Microsoft Word documents and Adobe Acrobat PDFs.  Visit the Using your Smartcard digital signature page for more details.

Professional Practice: Smartcard practical advice guide

Our Professional Practice team have produced a Smartcard practical advice guide. This provides support and advice on using your Smartcard once it has been activated.

Cancel your Smartcard

You can immediately cancel your digital signature if your Smartcard is lost or stolen.  Follow these instructions

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