It's time to talk about progression in the profession

We want to start an open and postive discussion about gender equality in the legal profession. Take a look at the questions and stats below and get involved in the conversation. Discuss them with colleagues and friends, tell us your views by email, or join the conversation in our LinkedIn group or on Twitter using #LetsTalkProgression

• What benefits does diversity offer our profession?
• What can we do to promote thinking about gender equality?
• What can you do to promote diversity and challenge the gender pay gap?
• How can we ensure diversity at senior levels across the profession?
• Does your social or ethnic background affect your career options?
• What should we do to close the pay gap?
• How can you progress your career and have a family?
• Why do so many women in their 30s leave the profession?
• Why do so few men take up shared parental leave?
• Should we encourage more men to study law?

Nearly three quarters of all law students are female. Why are male students staying away?
Over two thirds of solicitors under 45 years of age are female.
Looking at the Scottish solicitor profession as a whole, over half are female.
Of those who go on to become accredited specialists, it's split equally between males and females.
The average gap between earnings of male and female solicitors is 42%
For every one female solicitor advocate, there are three males.
You're three times more likely to be an equity partner if you're male.
Twice as many males reach director level at in-house employers.

We have launched

Ten equality standards to help employers reach their equality goals
One equal pay toolkit to help employers eliminate pay inequality