Making a complaint

As in every organisation and despite our best efforts, things sometimes can and do go wrong. We want to know when we have not provided the kind of service we aim for. That way, we can try to put things right, learn from any mistakes and take action to improve our service for the future.

Similarly, we like to know when we provide a good service or where a member of staff has been of particular help. We welcome ideas, suggestions and more general comments about our work, processes, policies and standards.

Our handling of complaints against solicitors

If you are unhappy with the way we dealt with your complaint about the conduct of a solicitor then you can of course raise this directly with our staff team. You also have the right to complain to the Scottish Legal Complaints Commission about how we handled your complaint. More information is available on the Commission's website.

Complaints about staff, policies and procedures

The Society has published service standards that explain what you can expect when you contact us and how we will handle your correspondence. This includes an overarching aim to treat people fairly and with respect.

If you want to make a complaint about a member of staff, our processes or policies then please contact our chief executive.

It is our practice to respond to all complaints, compliments and comments within ten working days with either a detailed response or an acknowledgment. We will also indicate the likely timescales involved in responding fully to your feedback where it has not been possible to do so within the original ten working days and keep you informed with progress.

We always try to resolve complaints informally where it is possible to do so. Equally, we realise that some complaints require more detailed investigation and, in such circumstances, the complaint will be referred to a senior member of our staff not connected with the original decision or process that led to the complaint.  We will always let you know the name of the person who is handling your complaint, including their contact details, and explain the procedure for dealing with your feedback.

Complaints about Council or committee members

The Society has a code of conduct with which all Council and committee members, whether elected, co-opted or appointed, are expect to comply. If you have concerns about the conduct of a Council or committee member then we encourage you to raise those concerns with the member concerned and seek to resolve any disagreement or issues informally. If you remain unhappy they you can make a formal complaint to the Society. More information is available via our policy on complaints against Council and committee members.

Such complaints can be made in writing to:

Lorna Jack, Chief Executive

The Law Society of Scotland
Atria One,
144 Morrison St,