In our five year strategy, which takes us to 2020, we promise to ASSURE our members’ clients and employers by setting and upholding standards that ensure they receive excellent legal and customer service.

Our education and training standards are flexible, promote equal access to and drive excellence within the legal profession.

Based on a new empowering Act, our regulation is proportionate, effective and responsive for those who depend on legal services.

Our professional standards are recognised as world-class and our members respected for holding one of the most rigorous and globally valued professional membership accreditations.

In year two of our five year strategy we will focus on:

  • Legislative change
    We will make a positive case for change during the Scottish Government’s review of legal services regulation, arguing strongly for modern and flexible legislation which protects the public and meets the needs of a modern legal profession.
  • Regulatory Committee
    We will use the expertise of our Regulatory Committee to review the way we fulfil our regulatory objectives, ensuring all aspects of our processes are fit for purpose and that the interests of the profession and public are properly served.
  • Handling complaints
    We will improve the way we handle complaints by learning from other world class professional bodies; and work with the Scottish Legal Complaints Commission (SLCC) and other stakeholders to find a workable solution to the handling of complaints comprising both service and conduct issues.
  • Consumer research and advocacy
    We will actively support the ScottishGovernment’s development of a new consumer and competition strategy to ensure there is strong and effective consumer research and advocacy in the legal services market.
  • Rules review and development 
    We will continue to ensure our practice rules are relevant, effective and proportionate, starting the first year of a two year reform project on (i) financial wellbeing, (ii) conflict of interest (iii) whistleblowing and (iv) third party managed accounts.
  • Licensed legal service providers
    We will seek to conclude the process of applying to become an Approved Regulator of licensed legal services providers and issue the first licences.
  • Anti-money laundering
    We will improve our performance ahead of our 2018 Financial Action Task Force inspection and provide new information and guidance on the 4th Directive to ensure our continued role as an anti-money laundering supervisory body.
  • Permissible ways to practise
    We will clarify what “regulated by the Law Society of Scotland” means for consumers by reviewing the scope of existing legislation and practice rules in terms of permissible ways of practising and the requirements in terms of insurance, the Accounts Fee and Client Protection Fund subscription for consumers.
  • Alternative routes to qualification
    We will consider new alternative routes to qualification as a Scottish solicitor, working with Skills Development Scotland and the Scottish Qualifications Authority in assessing the feasibility of a Foundation Apprenticeship and Modern Apprenticeship in Law.
  • Equality and diversity
    We will deliver the year-three projects from our equality strategy.