In our five year strategy, which takes us to 2020, we promise to GROW our membership and income by being a vibrant, influential and inclusive organisation.

Our membership will include 12,000 practising certificate holding solicitors including more members working outwith Scotland.

Our membership responds to the evolution of the legal market through involving 10,000 additional paying members including registered foreign lawyers, paralegals and legal executives.

Our commercial non-fee income rises to £3 million per year.

In year two of our five year strategy we will focus on:

  • Membership growth
    We will grow the total number of solicitor members by developing a new strategy for retaining non-practising members and improving our communication of membership options for all membership groups.
  • Commercial activities
    We will continue to grow our non-core income through new and existing activities, aiming to deliver £2m against a budget of £1.84m by the end of the year.
  • Paralegals
    We will improve the range of services and support available to paralegals and seek to increase membership of our paralegal scheme by 15%.
  • New membership categories and qualifications
    We will prepare for the launch of our new membership categories in 2017/18 through research with potential new members, developing new member categories and agreeing the qualification requirements.
  • Lawscot Foundation
    We will seek to grow the numbers of law and diploma students from low income backgrounds by issuing the first bursaries from our new Lawscot Foundation and raising an additional £150,000 on top of the Law Society’s own direct funding.