In our five year strategy, which takes us to 2020, we promise to SERVE our members through a detailed understanding of their needs, providing tools and services which they can use every day.

Our products and services help our members to innovate, grow and deliver world-class legal services whilst our advice on professional standards is the “go to” place for members seeking guidance.

Our programme of support meets the ambitions of our members to develop their careers both within and outwith the legal sector, inside and outside of Scotland.

Our products and services meet the challenge of the digital age with a bold technology plan at the heart of our operation which opens up those services to all our members.

In year two of our five year strategy we will focus on:

  • New services
    We will introduce at least four new services that add value to our members, concentrating on areas of wellbeing, business support, career growth and professional support.
  • Engagement with members
    We will continue to improve member participation by 10% per annum, measured against the benchmark of participation throughout 2015/16 with our growing numbers of members. We will do this through dedicated plans for high street and sole practitioners, members in England and Wales and in-house solicitors.
  • Big firm engagement
    We will continue to deliver at least one big firm meeting per quarter and extend and improve member participation for members working in the larger firms by 10% per annum, measured against the benchmark of participation throughout 2015/16. We will do this through new outreach programmes and a new relationship manager model through our restructured professional practice team.
  • Council and Committee member engagement and support
    We will increase support for council and committee members in their engagement with constituents and the profession through improved induction and subsequent training processes.
  • Cyber security
    We will recognise the growing importance of effective cyber security by increasing awareness among our members and providing practical support to firms on introducing and improving safeguards.
  • New services via the Journal
    We will work with Connect Communications to develop new services for our members including an app as well as deliver a new structure to the Journal and Lawscotjobs websites.
  • Review and rebuild member services for CPD
    We will help our members by restructuring the way we deliver continuous professional development training both in person and online.