Council reports 2015

Council Meeting, 27 November 2015

Presidential nominations

Current Society Vice President Eilidh Wiseman was the sole nomination to take up the position of president in 2016/17.

The Council member representing Aberdeenshire solicitors, Graham Matthews, was the only nomination for next year’s vice presidency.

Eilidh Wiseman, who will succeed Christine McLintock, is the former head of the employment team at Dundas and Wilson. She joined the Council seven years ago and is also the Convener of the Education and Training Committee.

Graham Matthews, who is a partner at Peterkins, has served as a Council member for more than ten years and sits on the Professional Practice Committee and Regulatory Committee.

Christine congratulated both Council members on their nominations and paid tribute to their experience and expertise.

The nominations for both posts will be confirmed at the Society’s December Council meeting. The new team will take up their posts in May 2016.

Scottish Parliament elections

The Society’s priorities for the Scottish parliamentary elections should include a focus on issues of equality and access to justice, the Council heard.

Council members debated a draft paper outlining key issues the Society believes the next Scottish Government should take action on.

Suggestions made during the discussion included:

  • Highlighting the importance of tackling the gender pay gap if the legal profession is to be at the heart of a thriving Scottish economy
  • Launching an access to justice campaign by the Society and solicitors
  • Focusing on greater social mobility in relation to access to legal education
  • Raising issues of equality and social justice in relation to the future workings of employment tribunals
  • Emphasising the role of new technology during the court reform process, for instance, in online dispute resolution

The country’s political parties will be urged to consider the Society’s priorities in their manifestos.