Council reports 2016

Council Meeting, 27 May 2016

President and Vice President

A new presidential team for 2016/17 took up office today – Eilidh Wiseman as President and Graham Matthews as Vice President.

Eilidh was formerly Partner and Head of Employment at Dundas & Wilson. She was first elected to represent Edinburgh on the Council seven years ago and is currently Convener of the Education and Training Committee.

She said it was a tremendous honour to become the Society’s 53rd president. She also thanked outgoing president Christine McLintock, paying tribute to her graceful diplomacy, effortless charm and a genuine willingness to listen to others.

She said Christine’s year in office had involved key developments such as the launch of the Society’s new five-year strategy, Leading Legal Excellence, the move to new premises and the creation of the Lawscot Foundation, a charity that will provide financial support and mentoring for talented students from disadvantaged backgrounds who want to become solicitors. Eilidh promised to take that work forward in the year ahead.

Graham is a partner at law firm Peterkins and has served as the Council member representing Aberdeenshire solicitors since 2005. He is

Convener of the Society’s Professional Practice Committee. He said he had an interest in access to justice, or rather the lack of justice for many people in communities in Scotland.

On taking up the position of Past President, Christine paid tribute to the new office bearers and thanked her colleagues and the Society staff for their support.

Council members

A number of new members were welcomed to the Council.

The newly elected members were:Gwen Haggerty in Cupar, Dunfermline and Kirkcaldy; and, Anne MacDonald, David Mair and Ross Yuill, all representing Glasgow and Strathkelvin.

Tributes were paid to outgoing Council members Nick Taylor, who was not re-elected in Glasgow and Strathkelvin, and 2014/15 president Alistair Morris.

Alistair was the longest ever serving Council member, having joined in 1992. He also sat on the Board and a number of key committees, including as convener of the Guarantee Fund Sub-Committee and Insurance Committee.

Council members heard that Alistair had provided leadership to the Society, promoted the work of Scottish solicitors wherever they were based and provided unstinting support to colleagues.

In response, he said the Society had been a major part of his life for the past 24 years and it had been an honour to become president.