Council reports 2016

Council Meeting, 29 January 2016

Lord President

Lord Carloway became the first Lord President to address a session of the Council at today’s meeting.

The Lord President set out his vision for courtrooms “fit for the 21st century”.

He said: “Over the next five years, plans will be developed which will see the courtroom, and its ancillary offices, redesigned in light of modern ideas and technology. It will be changed from its current Victorian form into something fit for the 21st century.”

In the speech, which was part of the Council’s annual away day event, the Lord President concluded: “Ultimately, it is much better that we have a legal profession that enjoys working in a civil or criminal justice system which works fairly and efficiently; not one which may be seen by some as failing in certain areas.”

Society constitution

A consultation with members will be carried out on a number of proposed amendments to the Society’s constitution.

The amendments were put to the Council by the Constitution Working Party.

The matter may be further considered at the Society’s annual general meeting in May.