We planned to serve our members through a detailed understanding of their needs, providing tools and services which they can use every day.


2017-18 highlights

8000 telephone queries

2500 members welcomed to 100 CPD and training events

GDPR web pages

Serve projects
Action Summary of progress for the year Complete/not complete
Customer experience
We will offer a world-class customer experience to everyone who engages with us by building on the results of our customer experience project, surveying our customers, setting targets and improving our processes.
Using research and feedback, teams across the organisation have improved their processes so they can offer a better experience to their customers. Feedback will continue be collected regularly and acted on where required. Complete
World-class services
We will continue to develop and refine innovative services that add value to our members and their businesses concentrating on areas of business support, career growth, CPD and professional support for our entire membership including those working with the largest firms, high street practitioners, in-house lawyers, members outwith Scotland and new lawyers. Our milestones will focus particularly on new areas including the GDPR guide, packs on how to start up a practice unit, solicitor advocate account management and launching the alternate dispute resolution service.
The Lawscot Wellbeing portal was launched in May 2018 as new innovative service for members, and at the end of the operating year there had been 3,257 unique visits to the webpages. This service is open to all members.

Our GDPR guide was launched in May 2018, its web pages have continued to be well visited with 3,163 unique visits in October alone (25,351 since launch in May). Our Solicitor Advocates have a new dedicated Account Manager.

We launched our alternative dispute resolution (ADR) service in January 2018.
CPD & Training
We will continue to grow revenues and develop new content; improving our market share and building a reputation for coherent, thoughtful agendas and topics.

We will fully migrate to a new event management tool – improving our branding, aesthetics, customer relationship management system, data management, back-office processes and customer journeys in the process.

We will also develop our online presence further by refining our digital platforms, with a specific focus on improving the customer experience of webinars.

We aim to increase revenues from CPD services to £500,000 in 2017-18.

We will work with a team size of eight members of staff, all employed on a permanent basis.
Revenue at the end of the year was £544k.

We have invested in a new online Learning Management System and fully migrated to a new event management tool early in 2018.

Revised branding and aesthetics were introduced early in 2018 to complement Law Society branding.
Member Engagement
We will aim to improve member participation by 10%, measured against the benchmark of participation throughout 2016/17 with our growing numbers of members. We will introduce a framework for incentivising member engagement with the Society using a points based system.
We increased member participation by over 10% through a series of tailored member engagement events and meetings, across our in-house, high street, big firm and England and Wales member groups. Complete
Digital Transformation
We will: 1) promote secure digital signatures by engaging directly with the profession to demonstrate methodologies and benefits of the Society’s smartcard including, where appropriate, within firms’ own case management systems or the Altis conveyancing platform;

2) Continue the migration of existing manual forms to online “smart” forms or apps as appropriate. All new forms introduced from the beginning of this financial year will be put on this platform to drive improvements to processes, particularly online member services; complaints handling; AML and financial compliance.
We have been engaged with the profession and have promoted both the value of secure digital signatures and use of the Society’s smartcard. We have also continued to support Altis. Migration of manual forms to online smart forms has occurred albeit not at the pace we would have wished for. This will be accelerated with the realignment of resource in the IT team next year. All new forms introduced are now “smart”. Complete

Annual report 2018

Our annual report covers our performance against the objectives set out in our 2017/18 annual plan. This was the third year of activity under our Leading Legal Excellence strategy.