We planned to serve our members through a detailed understanding of their needs, providing tools and services which they can use every day.


Key facts and figures

Action Outcome Complete/Not complete
World class services
We will create innovative new services for our members, with a focus this year on business growth, career development, technology and Alternative Dispute Resolution.
We published guidance for starting a new practice and ceasing a practice, taking a wider perspective beyond rule requirements.
We have continued to work with new lawyer sponsors Barbri, raising awareness of career options and international opportunities. We also launched two new accreditations this year in legal technology and housing.
We ran a number of workshops and events under the LawscotTech programme to raise awareness and encourage engagement between firms and the tech sector.
We hosted three Lawscot Wellbeing steering group meetings and 12 wellbeing events.
We initiated the first survey of the profession on mental health.
CPD and Training
We will improve our delivery of continuous professional development (CPD) and training, using new online platforms to make our services more accessible, creating new content and developing a new accredited CPD programme for paralegals.
In 2019, we grew delegate numbers on our:
  • Annual Conference by 4%
  • Sole and High St Conference by 88%
  • Inhouse conference by 10%
  • Flagship Tech conference by 143%

    We increased engagements from Highland and Island members by 81%
    We redesigned and relaunched our online CPD, installing a world class LMS learning management system with Bolt. We currently have over 160 modules available online.
    Our redesigned Trainee CPD grew revenues by 197%
    Online revenues grew by 45%.
  • Complete
    Member Engagement
    We will develop a deeper understanding of our members and increase our engagement across big firms, the high street, the in-house sector and those working outside of Scotland. We will also develop a new forum for members no longer in practice.
    High street
    We delivered 112 events across 23 locations, representing an increase of 27% on the previous year.
    We hosted 82 member engagement events throughout the year across 14 locations. The events included 2 Hot Topic events, 2 best practice conferences and 3 inhouse traineeship focus groups.
    England & Wales
    Four networking receptions held in London through the year. Other visits to members in Channel Islands, Oxfordshire and Sussex. Delivered a well-being roundtable in London and our first “Scottish Professionals” in London.
    We developed and launched our new Fellow membership, for retired members who are no longer in practice, subject to conditions.
    Big Firm
    We held eight member engagement events throughout the year and eight group meetings with professional support lawyers in big firms .
    Digital Service Delivery
    We will support the profession as it embraces technology in the delivery of legal services and compliance with regulation, championing innovation and leading LawscotTech, a hub that matches legal expertise with technology talent.
    We are now routinely delivering remote connections to our events and seminars.
    LawscotTech now has a community of 20 stakeholders in addition to regular support from the profession. The first-year strategy was completed and a new three-year strategy is soon to be launched.
    We led three legaltech trade missions to Europe standing out as thought leaders and an innovative community.
    We have published a second edition of our cyber security guide to reflect current developments, working closely with one of our member benefit partners.
    Members’ self-service online
    We will make our services and registration processes for members easier and simpler to use through ‘self-serve’ online platforms.
    We exceeded our 90% online practising certificate renewal by 31 October. Trainee contracts are now online. Complete
    Lawscot website and Journal Online
    We will improve the news, updates and information we make available for our members by successfully integrating the Lawscot and Journal Online websites.
    The Journal Online and Law Society website were successfully integrated shortly after year end on 31 October. This was a conscious decision to avoid increasing website traffic during our busiest online practising renewal and CPD period. Complete
    We will develop a new strategy for our delivery of careers activity, drawing together our current work on mentoring and post-qualification milestones and introducing new approaches for returners to the profession
    We have designed a new three year career strategy focusing on giving the profession a more holistic and broad access to a range of careers advice, ranging from our established options like accredited specialisms and solicitor advocates to others that have not previously been highlighted such as freelancing and dual-qualifying.
    Our three mentoring training sessions have been full this year and new online platform a success with 57 relationships active or completed. We have signed a contract with Project Scotland to be our new training provider, with developments planned for online refresher sessions for existing mentors next year.
    Women returners have been researched as a group and a session was dedicated to the theme at the annual conference, with support resources and an event due to complete in 2020.
    Digital signatures/Smartcard
    We will review the use of digital signatures within the profession and agree a long-term plan on our member Smartcard.
    We reviewed the use of digital signatures within the profession and a plan was approved in October 2019 for implementation in 2020. Complete
    Equality, diversity and well-being
    We will better support the well-being of the profession including addressing the well-being issues which arose from our 2018 Profile of the Profession report.
    All aspects of our 2018 Profile of the Profession report to be taken forward were completed. We have engaged with over 30 organisations and 700 solicitors about the report. Complete
    Certificated courses
    We will develop content for a range of certificated courses and work with Members Services to deliver them.
    We announced a new Cyber-Resilience Certification course for 2019/2020 in partnership with Bolt, our online learning partner. Complete