Sub-committees of the Regulatory Committee

Appeals and Reviews Sub-committee

Colin Dunipace - Convener

Samantha Hollywood / Philip Yelland - Secretaries (

The aims and functions are to:

  • Consider appeals lodged against decisions made by regulatory sub-committees, where there is no statutory or other right of appeal available other than by Judicial Review. The grounds of appeal are specified in guidance. The sub-committee may:
    • Uphold an original decision of a regulatory sub-committee.
    • Vary all or part of an original decision.
    • Overturn all or part of an original decision and substitute the original decision for an alternative decision.
    • Overturn an original decision and require the original sub-committee to reconsider the matter, with appropriate directions.
  • Report to the Regulatory Committee, yearly or as identified by the sub-committee, in relation to the nature and frequency of the appeals that it hears, together with proposals/recommendations for improvements in the Society's regulatory processes.

The Society has developed an appeal form which applicants must use and guidance for filling it out.