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Covid-19 testing for the Scottish legal profession

The Scottish Government has expanded the testing programme in Scotland and we are keen to ensure that our members understand what is available, where and how to find out if they are eligible.

Law Society to join jury trials working group

Stuart Munro from the Society's Criminal Law Committee is to join a short-term working group established by Lord Carloway to consider the practicalities of recommencing trials by jury which meet public health guidelines during the Coronovirus outbreak.

Joint statement from the Scottish Legal Complaints Commission and the Law Society of Scotland

The Scottish Legal Complaints Commission and the Law Society of Scotland have reached an agreement on the collection of the levy to fund the SLCC in 2020.

Rachel joins Law Society top team

Rachel Wood joins the Law Society of Scotland next week as our new Executive Director of Regulation.

Mental Health Awareness Week 2020

Explore our week-long events programme during Mental Health Awareness Week 2020, May 18-22. We're hosting a free, virtual event every day, in collaboration with Clio.

Derek Ogg QC

Tribute to Derek Ogg QC who sadly passed away on Friday 1 May 2020.

Supporting the profession during the Coronavirus outbreak

We highlight some of the the support and guidance available to our members during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Public policy highlights

Our policy committees have had a busy month analysing and responding to proposed changes in the law to positively influence the creation of a fairer and more just society.

AML Registration Requirements during the Covid-19 crisis

Due to the Covid-19 crisis, the Disclosure Scotland service is currently only processing applications for people working on sectors deemed vital at this time. HM Treasury are content that, on a temporary basis, firms or new sole practitioners can provide a statutory declaration that the BOOM(s) does not have a relevant criminal conviction as part of the application.

£2.2 million package of financial support for Scottish solicitors

The Law Society of Scotland has announced an "unprecedented" package of financial support for members in recognition of the critical situation which faces individuals and firms.

SLCC budget ‘tone-deaf’ to the financial crisis facing the legal profession

The SLCC has laid its final budget for 2020/21 before the Scottish Parliament, increasing the levy which must be paid by every practising solicitor by 3.5% and making no recognition of the impact of COVID-19 on the profession.

Registers of Scotland digital submission service

We have updated our property guidance in light of the launch of Registers of Scotland's digital submission service, which will enable Scottish solicitors to submit scanned deeds for registration with effect from Monday 27 April 2020.