Lorna has been Chief Executive at the Law Society since January 2009.  Since joining she has led the Society’s staff team in delivering a program of modernisation, which has included improvements in the Society’s transparency, governance arrangements, outreach to members and stakeholders and business efficiencies. Her current focus is on aligning the Society’s resources against its strategy Leading Legal Excellence.

Lorna, along with her senior leadership colleagues, Council and Board members, has prepared a 2 year recovery & renewal strategy for 2020 – 2022, which deals with the impact of the Covid19 pandemic on the Scottish legal profession.

Prior to joining the Law Society, Lorna was based in the United States, as President Americas for Scottish Development International, the Scottish Government's trade and investment arm. Previously, Lorna was Chief Executive of Scottish Enterprise Forth Valley, one of 12 local enterprise companies covering Scotland. A graduate of Aberdeen University, Lorna is a chartered accountant by profession.

Lorna is also chair of Highlands and Islands Airports Limited; a Board member of the Scottish Funding Council and a Trustee and Treasurer of the McConnell International Foundation. 

Lorna has recently joined the DIT Professional Services Trade Advisory Group, to provide input to their trade negotiations from the Scottish legal profession. 

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