As Head of the Davidson Chalmers Stewart Dispute Resolution team, I represent clients in a wide range of property and commercial disputes across various courts and tribunals in Scotland, and have been involved in several cases in the House of Lords and more recently the Supreme Court.
Since I recognise that court action does not appeal to many clients, I also act as a mediator and handle many issues outside the confines of the courtroom. Whilst I enjoy the challenge of the courtroom, I recognise that it is not always the best way to resolve disputes. My skills as a mediator and my work in arbitration mean that my team will always work to find the most appropriate way to resolve business issues.

By identifying your commercial objectives from the outset, my aim is to achieve them as swiftly and as beneficially to you as I can.

As well as my legal practice, I’m a member of the Commercial Litigation Practice Area Committee for the WS Society in assessing Signet Accreditation, and am also a member of the Scottish committee of the Property Litigation Association and regularly speak at and chair conferences and seminars on the subject of property disputes.