Due to the continuing restrictions, we have replaced our insight weeks with an online insight day. Four insight days will be held each year.

  • Our next insight day will take place on Tuesday, 21 June 2022.

During the insight day, you will hear from five departments, getting an insight into their work and then have a chance to undertake a task relating to each department.

  Who can apply?

Our insight day programme is held via video conferencing system. It is designed for school pupils or LLB/Diploma students/graduates.

We are looking for people who demonstrate a keen knowledge of and interest in what the Law Society do. We want you to show us how an insight day with us would benefit you in your career. We receive a lot of interest each year, so make sure you really think about how you can answer the questions fully and make yourself stand out.

If you think an Insight Day at the Law Society of Scotland is something which would benefit your career development please email : careers@lawscot.org.uk. In your email please outline the date of the Insight Day you are applying for along with if you are a pupil/university student. 


  • The closing date to register your interest for the insight day on Tuesday, 21 June 2022  is 5pm on Tuesday, 24 May 2022.

If you require more information on our insight days, please contact our HR team directlyat hr@lawscot.org.uk

   What would I get up to on an insight day?

You will spend time with several different teams to gain a breadth of experience from across our organisation.

Read about our teams below to get a flavour for what the insight week is really like.

We want to make sure each of our insight day students gets the most out of working with us! Successful insight day applicants have ranged from being pupils at school, to undergraduate and postgraduate level students. For each successful applicant, we will create a tailored timetable. Here are some examples of teams you could be working in and the type of work past insight day students have learned about.

External Relations

You could spend time learning about the different facets of our work in this area:
Policy – Understand how our Policy team advise on key themes such as the impact of Brexit on legal services in Scotland.
Public Communications – Learn how to Society supports members of the public.
Research – Hear from our research team on how their work allows us to gather the views of the whole legal profession on a particular issue, which is essential for us to effectively represent our members.

Education, Training & Qualifications

Understand how we work to promote fair access to the legal profession, so anyone can become a solicitor who wants to. Help identify barriers to the legal profession for those at school or who are looking for a career change, or help us to gain intel on how we can better support law students and trainees as our future members.

Member Services

Learn about all the ways in which we serve our members, including:
Events – Hear from our CPD & Training team and find out what makes a great event for our members. You could research your own and come up with a proposed agenda.
Professional Practice – Part of our work is to guide our members with how to apply complex regulation to working scenarios. Our professional practice team runs a confidential advice service.
Engagement – Find out how we engage with and support our members in different ways who work in big-firm, high-street and in-house environments, or in England and Wales.

Financial Compliance

Learn how we ensure the legal profession complies on anti-money laundering legislation. It’s part of our work to make sure our members know what’s expected of them and also, that we regulate our members to assure the high standards of the legal profession.

Meet our colleagues

See what our colleagues have to say about their experiences of working life at the Society.