New Partner Practice Management Course

Have you become a partner in the past 12 months?
Are you thinking about becoming a partner? Do you know your responsibilities before becoming a partner?

Rule D.2.2 requires that everyone who becomes a manager of a practice attends a practice management course within 12 months of assuming that role.  The term ‘manager’ is defined in the Rule and includes sole practitioners, a partner in a firm, a member or director of an incorporated practice. We recommend that you read the details of Rule D.2.2.

The Society recently consulted with the profession about the contents of this course and, as a result has made a number of changes aimed at maximising the value and relevance to everyone who completes it.

In essence, it has been decided that some elements of the course will now be provided as online modules to be completed prior to attending the course and others will be covered during a one day training course. The content of the course is covered by the Learning Outcomes which are detailed here.  Learning Outcomes are simply a statement of what a participant on a training course should have learnt and be able to do at the end of it. 

These are divided into two groups: the first being the regulatory matters which are achieved through the online modules and the second, which focus on compliance and soft skills, are delivered during the training day.

The Online Modules - *For completion prior to attending*
These are split into four headings provided by the Law Society of Scotland and Lockton: Practice Rules, Client Service, Ethical Standards and Business, Finance and Partnership. Everyone registered on the course will be provided with log-on permissions so as to be able to complete these modules remotely. All include an assessment and should be completed prior to attending the training day.

The Training Day
The Learning Outcomes covered on the Training Day cover: Leadership and People Management, Client Care, Business Development, Business models and partnership, Strategic and operational planning and Running a business.  Attendees will be given reading to complete in advance of attending the training day when the relevant topics will be discussed in presentations given by a number of experienced trainers.  As the Society considers it important that new ‘managers’ are able to share their experiences, attendees will participate in group work based on a case study of a law firm. 

The Training Day takes place three times a year, in March, June and October in central locations in Scotland. All ‘managers’ that are required to attend will be e-mailed the details in advance and will be invited to register.

*Please note that there is essential pre reading required as well as online modules to be completed prior to attending the course. Full details of this can be found on the pre reading page and online module page.*

The course is held in March, June and October. The 2017 dates will be as follows:

16 March 2017

14 June 2017

25 October 2017

Please follow the link on each date to make your registration.

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