Trainee CPD

Trainee Continuing Professional Development

It is requirement that all trainees must complete 60 hours of CPD training over the two-year period of their training contract. Of these 60 hours, 40 must be specialised trainee CPD (TCPD) taken with an authorised provider while the remaining 20 hours can be made up with any CPD provider. 

As an authorised TCPD provider, we can provide you with a structured programme that provides all 40 accredited TCPD hours over the course of four modules. Our flexible approach means you can choose to undertake all four modules or a selection of them.

Module 1 Personal and professional development (15 hours)
Module 2 Ethics (9 hours)
Module 3 The client-solicitor relationship, interviewing and negotiations (13 hours)
Module 4 Personal, professional and commercial development (13 hours)


Why Update TCPD?

Our TCPD programme encourages you to direct your own learning and improve on your future performance by being client focused, flexible and equipped to address the everyday challenges in your practice.  You will be encouraged to identify and build on your strengths, to set your own learning targets and to provide evidence of your achievements.

The course is unique as over 60% of the course is made up of distance learning. This means you can choose when and where to conduct your learning.

You will also be assigned a solicitor mentor who will guide you through the course, review your particular skills as well as offering general professional development advice.


Update TCPD allows you to:

  • achieve your PEAT 2 Learning Outcomes and demonstrate that you meet the standards of a ‘qualifying solicitor’
  • access the total range of support provided by the Law Society of Scotland
  • undertake the majority of work in your own time through distance learning
  • gain useful, practical experience
  • be guided by experienced expert mentors and tutors

For further details or to have a chat about the course, please contact or phone Lucy Ozanne on 0131 476 8360.

For cost information and to register, please follow this link 


Regulatory matters

The requirement to undertake TCPD is part of the Admission as Solicitor (Scotland) Regulations 2011. Therefore, failure to comply with the TCPD requirements may result in you not being admitted as Solicitor. 

• All trainees must complete a minimum of 60 hours of TCPD during their traineeship

• At least 40 hours of the 60 hours TCPD must come from an authorised provider;

• Between months 9 and 15 of your traineeship, you are required to undertake the Mandatory Ethics Course. This is the only mandatory element of TCPD 4 hours of which must come from an authorised provider;

• The Society would expect that a minimum of 30 hours of TCPD should normally have been undertaken by month 15 of the traineeship but this is not a requirement.

• Trainees should note that, should they wish to be admitted as a solicitor after the first year of their training contact has been completed, they will require to have completed a minimum of 20 hours of TCPD.

A training contract cannot be discharged until a trainee has completed the TCPD requirements of the traineeship. If for any reason you may not be able to comply with these requirements, please contact the Society at the earliest possible juncture.

For further helpful information see:

Our PEAT 2 outcomes page

Our trainee support page


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