Become a Trainee CPD Mentor

Are you interested in helping others on the road to success in their legal career?

Update Trainee CPD is currently recruiting mentors. Mentors work with trainees for a period of 12 months. They are required to have face to face meetings as well as reviewing written work completed by the trainee in relation to their TCPD modules. At the end of the year, the mentor will complete a written report to the Society commenting on the trainee’s progress and work.
All discussions will be confidential between the trainee and the mentor. The Society offers a range of pastoral support for trainees, and the role of the mentor is therefore to focus on facilitating the trainee’s learning in relation to his or her work. The maximum number of trainees that will be allocated to each Mentor is three.

Key requirements for mentors include:

Experience of professional practice,
Enthusiasm & commitment,
Listening and empathy skills,
Helping to build self-confidence,
Offering encouragement, and
Providing constructive feedback.

Every mentor will be require to attend a formal training session (one day) prior to starting work with the trainee. This training will explain the details of what is involved in the TCPD programme, the Portfolio, the exercises and the written work, assessment and evaluation.

If you are interested or have any questions please get in touch -