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Whether you're wanting to know more about what opportunities a career in law can offer, or wanting to find a way to boost your career as a solicitor, have a look at the sections of our career guidance to see how the Society can help you.

What are the career options in the legal profession?

Find out what kinds of roles you could work in if you pursue a career in the legal sector. There are numerous options, whether you qualify as a solicitor, or work in a non-solicitor role.


Internships & work experience

Are you early in your career and looking for ways to get more experience? Work experience and internships will help you boost your experience, confidence and your network.


Careers & employability advice

Polishing your CV, brushing up on your interview techniques and ensuring you complete application forms correctly can really help you secure your next role. The Law Society offers tips, hints and highlights common pitfalls to make sure you are showcasing yourself and your skills as effectively as possible.


Career mentoring scheme

Being a mentor can give you the opportunity to impart your knowledge and experience onto someone who is seeking support in growing their career, and the rewards are significant. Being a mentee can equally be a really positive experience, as you will have the chance to have a one-to-one supportive relationship to help you navigate your career path.


Continuing Professional Development for Solicitors

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is a mandatory requirement for practising solicitors in Scots Law. Choose to undertake training that will ensure you build on your existing professional skills and grow your knowledge and capabilities.


Locum opportunities

Would short-term contract work fit in with your schedule? What are the opportunities for working as a locum? How do I join the Society's register?


Career changers

Are you an established career professional thinking of becoming a solicitor? Changing your career is both a daunting and exciting process. Here's a quick breakdown of the route you will most likely take to become a solicitor in Scots Law.  

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