Volunteering as a career mentor

We are currently looking for new mentors to join the Law Society mentoring scheme - apply now

The mentor role is a very rewarding one, and sharing experiences as a mentor is part of the support we want to offer. You can read case studies from people who have joined the scheme here.

How it works

Our aim is to 'match' mentors and mentees depending on the requirements and experiences of the parties. One mentor will be matched with one mentee and the scheme will run for around 12 months.

Practical arrangements

You will need to agree with your mentee how often, when, and where you will meet.

Meeting for an hour once a month is thought to be a suitable norm but you are free to agree a timetable with your mentee and to change it by agreement when that is appropriate.

It will not usually be possible to hold mentoring meetings in working time and your commitments and those of the mentee will therefore influence timing. Lunch times may be appropriate for most meetings. Others could be just before or just after work. 

Mentors and mentees will be matched according to the information provided in the application form.

Frequently asked questions

A number of existing mentors attended an event, shared their experiences and challenges and spoke to a panel with experience in mentoring. Read the mentoring FAQs and advice here.

Apply to be a Mentor

We are currently recruiting new mentors. Interested individuals should submit an application form to mentoring@lawscot.org.uk.

Mentors will then be required to attend a full day's training funded by the Law Society at our offices in Edinburgh.

We currently accept applications from interested parties in Aberdeen, Glasgow, Perth, Inverness, Edinburgh and those who frequently travel and so might be flexible as to location of mentoring meetings.

You can read more about the benefits of mentoring here. If you have any further queries or would like the application form in a different format, email mentoring@lawscot.org.uk.

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