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Your CV is often your first interaction with an employer. It can immediately dictate whether you make the ‘yes’ or ‘no’ pile. Therefore, it is essential that you get it right. The CV should be a factsheet on your background, through which your personality shines throughout.

Have a look at our sample CV for our recommended guidance. But also, make sure you take our golden roles into account:

3 CV golden rules...

#1: Follow the formatting guidelines! The vast majority of companies request a maximum 2 page CV. Don't go over 2 pages, however tempting. If a company CEO manages to condense years of complicated experience into a 2 page CV, you can do it too. 

#2: Tailor it every time! Maybe it seems time-consuming, but being immediately rejected because the employer couldn't instantly see what particular skills, attributes and experience they're looking for is FAR more time-consuming, because now you're back to square one. Read the job description and make sure you demonstrate the experience they want! Identify the company values and make sure these personality traits are being showcased!

#3: Show us your personality This point is so important and people often forget it. Remember, in a competitive job market, you might look quite similar to someone 'on paper' going on experience alone, especially if you keep it generic and vague. Show the employer why they should hire you over other people. Your character and extra experiences are what sets you apart. Employers want someone they can imagine working in their organisation, gelling with the team and is 3-dimensional, bringing something extra to the role or organisation other than just legal knowledge (while this is obviously crucial).

If you would like to receive personal feedback on your CV, please email and one of the team will come back to you.

Here's some guidance on writing a covering letter, which is particularly helpful for writing speculative applications.

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