Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is a mandatory requirement for practising solicitors in Scots Law.

It is designed to ensure all our members are actively engaged with their profession, to continue to supplement current knowledge and develop new skills and capabilities.

Ensure you use your CPD allocation to gain useful knowledge that will help you in your career. New lawyers especially will benefit from strategically considering how a demonstrated commitment to new skills will enhance their professional profile.

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From our Registrar's team, find out the Society's compliance requirements in relation to CPD as a member of the profession. This includes FAQs, activity outlines and information on how to log your CPD.


Law Society of Scotland CPD and events

The Society's CPD & Training team organises verifiable CPD for Scottish solicitors throughout the year. Explore what's on the programme for this year and book your place now.


Trainee CPD (TCPD)

It is requirement that all trainees must complete 60 hours of TCPD training over the two-year period of their training contract. 40 hours must be delieved by an authorised TCPD provider. The Law Society runs an authorised TCPD programme (Update TCPD) which ensures you will meet all the requirements as a Trainee.


CPD for new lawyers

The Law Society runs a programme of events called 'CPD for new lawyers' which is open to law students, Diploma students, trainees and solicitors up to 5 years to attend. These events are targeted specifically at those in the earlier stages of their career as a solicitor, in order to address topics and themes that are most relevant to new lawyers.


CPD for in-house lawyers

The In-house Lawyers Committee runs an annual series of seminars, for in-house members, which are currently provided free of charge.



Career mentoring

We're looking for mentors and mentees to joining our mentoring scheme

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CPD and events

Training events, seminars and webinars from the Law Society of Scotland

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