Diploma funding

Session 2017/18

The Scottish Government has confirmed that from 2017-18, up to £10,000 will be available for any taught postgraduate course up to full Masters level at any Scottish higher education institute (HEI). Find out more.

Eligible Scottish domiciles will be able access a loan up to £10,000 – comprising £5,500 for tuition fees and £4,500 for living costs.

Visit the Student Awards Agency Scotland (SAAS) website for more information and details of how to apply for a loan.

Part time students should visit the SAAS website to ensure they access the up to date information relating to their eligibility to apply for a loan. Please note that in previous years, part-time students have been eligible to apply for 50% of the full tuition fee loan amount per year of study*, but have not been eligible to apply for a living-cost loan.

*assuming part-time study is undertaken over the course of two years.

Full time EU students will continue to be eligible to apply for the tuition fee loan for the academic year 2017-18. This funding will also be available to EU students undertaking postgraduate study in Scotland on a part time basis over two years.

Our understanding is for both the tuition fees loan and the living cost loan, repayment will commence once the student has graduated, is in employment and is earning above the student loan repayment threshold, which is currently £17,495. Please visit www.saas.gov.uk for up-to-date information on the loans, and how to apply.

Looking for additional financial support? Visit the grants and trusts section of our website, or read about funding opportunities available at each Diploma unit on their websites.