The application process

Please note that applications for the 2017/18 session are now closed.

The application process is a very different to UCAS admission to the degree and students should read the following information carefully.

Criteria for admission

In the interests of fairness, the basic criterion for entry onto the Diploma is based on your marks (at first sitting) on the subjects you take during the LLB. You can can find out what those subjects are here.

This criterion could be moderated (in either direction) by the class and type of degree obtained, overall number of failed subjects at undergraduate level, other qualifications (both undergraduate and postgraduate) and special circumstances  affecting the academic performance of individual students such as illness, other personal factors and the weight and nature of curriculum (unless already taken into account internally).

The fact that an applicant has an offer of a traineeship at the time of applying for a Diploma place may also be a factor taken into account, but only as another possible factor when deciding among applicants who have extremely similar academic records. It is not in and of itself a circumstance which gives rise to a right to embark on the Diploma.


The application process

The allocation of places on Diploma courses is administered by the individual providers, and any specific questions in relation to a particular provider should be addressed to that university.

  • If you wish to apply for the Diploma you are required to apply via the university you completed your LLB with. However you should also check with the university you wish to apply to, to see if they have an online form to complete.  Please note, some universities will have differing deadlines for applications - please check this carefully as late applications will not be accepted.
  • Students who have undertaken/are undertaking the Law Society exams should obtain an application form from the university they wish to apply for and send the completed form to that university.
  • When completing your Diploma application you will be asked to select only one university. In recent years, the majority of students have been offered their first place but this is variable depending on the number of students applying in any given year, and the number of places available.
  • On the form, you will also be asked to indicate which (if any) universities you do not wish to be considered for. If you are not offered your first choice all the other universities (with the exception of any universities you stated you did not wish to be considered for) will consider your application and you may then be offered an alternative university.
  • Please ensure you complete the form carefully and if there are any special circumstances in relation to your application, ensure you detail in this in the appropriate section of the form.


Timings for 2017/18 applications

  • Students apply for the Diploma during the final year of the LLB, or after graduating (for example during a year out). You must apply in the year in which you also wish to commence the Diploma. 

Application period

Monday 27th February 2017

Applications for 2017/18 open

Friday 14th April 2017

Applications for 2017/18 close


You will receive an acknowledgement of your application from your first-choice Diploma unit


1st round offers

Applicants not receiving an offer of a place in the 1st round are to be placed on a waiting list by their first choice Diploma Unit in case a space should open during July. Such students to have their applications reviewed again by their first choice Diploma Unit immediately after the Round 1 deadline.

Friday 30th June

Deadline for 1st round offers to be intimated to successful applicants

Friday 21st July

Deadline for acceptance of 1st round offers


2nd round offers

For applicants that have not been successful in the 2nd round, the Diploma Unit rejecting the applicant should inform each affected student of the alternative destinations available to them. The student should be asked to identify the alternative Diploma provider to which they wish their application forms transferred.

Tuesday 1st August 2017

Deadline for 2nd round offers to be intimated to successful applicants

Friday 18th August 2017

Deadline for acceptance of 2nd round offers


  • The Diploma induction week usually starts in early/mid-September.
  • The Diploma normally runs until April/May the following year, with resits taking place in June/July/August.