The Diploma providers

Diploma providers and places available

In session 2017/18 there are six Diploma providers. The table below outlines the providers offering the Diploma in the session 2017/18 and the number of places available: full-time and part-time.

Diploma provider

Number of places 2017/18 (full time/part time)

University of Aberdeen


University of Dundee


University of Edinburgh

140/Speak to university to discuss options

The University of Glasgow


Robert Gordon University

Around 33/No set limit

The University of Strathclyde

No set limit/No set limit



Differences between providers

Although many of the compulsory modules will be similar, each Diploma course will offer different compulsory modules and electives and will vary in terms of options and timetables. The Society recommends taking time to research the different universities offering the Diploma to ensure you are making an informed decision as to where you are going to apply.