How long will it take to qualify?

The time that it takes to qualify as a Scottish solicitor can vary depending on whether you can study full-time or part-time, whether you already have a degree or whether wish to do honours.

Mature students considering a career change to study law can find more details information about a fast track LLB.


If you are studying full-time, the LLB can take two, three or, more commonly, four years. The majority of students take the single honours law degree, which takes four years. The ordinary degree takes three. If you already have a degree, it is possible to take the accelerated ordinary degree over two years.

If you are studying part-time, there are variations to the time each course can take - please see the information on universities to find out more.

The Diploma

The Diploma in Professional Legal Practice is one academic year full-time, or two academic years part-time.

The traineeship

Traineeships are generally two years in length, except in exceptional cases. It is possible to undertake a traineeship part-time over a period longer than two years.

Overall, the majority of people will follow the four years honours LLB option, followed by a full time Diploma and traineeship, meaning the average length to qualify is seven years. As stated above, it could take less or more time than this depending on your particular circumstances.