Subjects you need to become a solicitor

In order to become a solicitor in Scotland, the vast majority of students will undertake the LLB.

During the LLB you will study a number of subjects and it is important you know what subjects you need to take in order to ensure you have met all the outcomes that are required to become a solicitor in Scotland.

Each university offers similar subjects but there are some differences in courses at each university. Individual universities will be able to guide you on this.  However, you can also follow the link that applies to you, below, to find out what subjects you require to take during the LLB in order to qualify as a solicitor in Scotland.  Please note that if you started the LLB before the year in brackets, you should contact the Society directly to enquire about the subjects you need to qualify as a solicitor -

Students should also note that marks obtained in the majority (if not all) of the subjects you do throughout the degree will count towards entrance to the Diploma. This is really important to know from day one of your LLB.

Accredited university (LLB)

The University of Aberdeen (2011)

The University of Glasgow (2011)

The University of Abertay (2011)

Glasgow Caledonian University (2012)

The University of Dundee (2011)

Robert Gordon University (2011)

The University of Edinburgh (2012)

The University of Stirling (2011)

Edinburgh Napier University (2011)

The University of Strathclyde (2011)