Dundee University

The subjects below are the subjects you need to complete in order to become a solicitor in Scotland.

Please note:

  • If you have not completed all of the subjects listed below, we can assist to ensure you have the opportunity to undertake those remaining subjects. Please email registrar@lawscot.org.uk for further information.
  • While the subjects are required for entry to the solicitors' profession, you may also need to complete additional subjects in order to graduate with the LLB. In addition, some further subjects may be required for entry to the Faculty of Advocates. Please contact your Director of Studies for information on this.
  • Not all of the subjects listed below are necessarily compulsory on the LLB, so please do ensure you are taking all the subjects you need, if you wish to qualify as a solicitor in the future. Your Director of Studies can help with this.
  • Your marks in these subjects will also be used as a basis for deciding who will be offered a place on the Diploma. Students are ranked based on their performance in the subjects.

Subjects required

  • foundations of law
  • private law of Scotland I
  • public law I - sources of power
  • Scots criminal law & evidence
  • private law of Scotland II
  • public law II - controls on power
  • commercial law
  • Scottish property law
  • public III - rights and freedoms
  • family law
  • private law of Scotland III*
  • law, society and human rights**

*Students in the graduate entry accelerated degree who began their degree in 2011/12 academic year should have commercial law II in place of private law of Scotland III.

**In Dundee's law with language degree, students should have justice, law & human rights in place of law, society and human rights.