Working outside Scotland

The information here is relevant to any student thinking about working in another jusrisdiction, once they have qualified.

Working in England and Wales (if already qualified)

It is important to remember that qualifying as a solicitor in one jurisdiction means you are generally restricted to practising law in that jurisdiction, without studying general 'conversion' exams which allow you to practise in another legal system. We would suggest you contact the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) as regards the requirements of requalifying in England and Wales when you are already a Scottish qualified solicitor.

However, many Scots-qualified solicitors are working as solicitors in England and Wales without requalifying.

Recruitment consultants are probably best placed to advise you of employment opportunities for Scots lawyers in England, with and without requalifying.

Qualifying into England and Wales

If you are on the LLB and wish to find out about qualifying as a solicitor in England and Wales, we would suggest you contact the SRA about embarking on conversion courses straight after the Scottish LLB and before any further period of training in Scotland has been undertaken.

As the SRA is a separate organisation, we cannot offer advice on what a person who has a Scottish LLB must do to qualify in England and Wales.

Coming back to Scotland

If you have qualified as a solicitor in England and Wales and subsequently wish to requalify in Scotland, you would require to study for the intra-UK transfer test to requalify in Scotland.

Note that it is possible to apply for exemptions from the intra-UK transfer test, depending on previous qualifications which, as someone with a Scots Law LLB, you may be entitled to. Please contact for further information.

Qualifying elsewhere

The Law Society of Scotland can provide information on qualifying into Scotland from another jurisdiction but you should contact our equivalent body if you wish to qualify somewhere outwith Scotland to find out what the processes are.

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