The traineeship

There's a lot to consider before you start a traineeship. We're here to help you stay organised and confident that you're doing everything you need to.

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What is a traineeship?
What are the recent trainee statistics?
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How do I find a traineeship? 
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We guide you through all stages of the traineeship

We provide support at all stages of the traineeship, to help trainees through their journey to becoming a qualified solicitor. Visit the relevant stages of the traineeship below.


Tick Icon   BEFORE you start your traineeship

Applying for an entrance certificate
The Fit and Proper Persons Test
Your training contract


Tick Icon   DURING your traineeship

PEAT 2 Record and Outcomes
PQPRs (Quarterly Performance Reviews)
TCPD (Trainee Continuing Professional Development)
Admission during the traineeship
Confidential support helpline

Tick Icon   FINISHING your traineeship

Discharging your training contract
Admission as a solicitor


We offer support for trainees

Don't forget - we also want to make sure trainees feel in touch and engaged with their professionnal body. Find out more about our:

- Confidential support helpline
- Trainee roadshow
- Trainee blogs
- LawScot e-bulletin for new lawyers


We also support traineeship providers

If your organisation employs trainees, or is thinking about it, find out about support offered by the Society.