During your traineeship

During the traineeship, trainees must fulfil certain requirements and obligations in order to help ensure they are doing the necessary work to meet the standard of a qualifying solicitor.

Print Tick Icon   Your training contract

This is the first document you must submit as a trainee. You will receive a standard training contract alongside your entrance certificate. Registration of your training contract must occur within three months of the start date of your training contract and so it is vital that your completed form is received by the Society in sufficient time to allow for this.

The Society has registered a standard form of training contract, designed to make the process of completion of the contract as straightforward as possible.  This came into effect on 1 June 2017.  The extract of the Deed of Declaration is available for information under “related downloads” on this page.  Trainees can access a word version of  the style of contract through their trainee login and will also be sent a version with their Entrance Certificate. 

Click here for training contract FAQs.

Please note that until a training contract has been registered by the Society, trainees will not be able to upload their Quarterly Performance Reviews (PQPRs).

Phone Icon    Trainee Support

You can contact the Law Society with any issue you have regarding your traineeship on a confidential or anonymous basis. Find out more.


What are my obligations as a trainee during my traineeship?

The Trainee Handbook sets out all the requirements for trainees in more detail. You will receive a copy of this with your entrance certificate and training contract. Or, have a look at the Law Society's PEAT 2 Training Plan.


Tick Icon   Work towards the PEAT 2 Outcomes

During the 2 year traineeships you will be given activities that will allow you to work towards the PEAT2 outcomes.

PC Icon   Update your online record regularly

Your PEAT 2 Record will allow you to monitor your progress during the traineeship and record achievements along the way. The content will form the basis of your quarterly performance reviews with your supervising solicitor.

Chat Icon   Meet your supervising solicitor every quarter 

The PEAT 2 quarterly performance review (PQPR) allow you and your supervising solicitor to review your progress in achieving the PEAT2 outcomes and will help identify any training needs you have which can be addressed by undertaking TCPD.

You will be required to take notes and upload a record of the meeting for your supervising solicitor to approve.

Clock Icon   Undertake a minimum of 60 hours TCPD

60 hours of trainee continuing professional development (TCPD) is essential to ensure you meet the outcomes and reach the standard of a qualifying solicitor.


What can I/ can't I do as a trainee?


Briefcase Icon   What work can I undertake?

Trainees undertake a wide variety of work during their traineeship.

Have a look at our guidance about what you will/will not be able to do, particularly in relation to admitted trainees.

Question Mark Icon   Can I apply for admission?

You are eligible to apply for admission after the first year of your traineeship. Being admitted to the roll of solicitors means you are able to apply for a restricted practising certificate and appear in court.


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