Trainee continuing professional development (TCPD) is structured learning undertaken over and above your office commitments, with a view to such learning assisting your achievement of the PEAT 2 outcomes.

Over the course of a traineeship, you are required to undertake a minimum of 60 hours of TCPD:

  • A minimum of 40 hours of the minimum 60 hours must come from an authorised provider.
  • Between months nine and 15 of a traineeship, you are required to undertake the mandatory ethics course. This is the only mandatory element of TCPD and must be of at least four hours' training and come from an authorised provider.
  • The Society would expect that a minimum of 30 hours of TCPD should normally have been undertaken by month 15 of the traineeship but this is not a requirement.
  • Trainees should note that, should they wish to be admitted as a solicitor after the first year of their training contact has been completed, they will require to have completed a minimum of 20 hours of TCPD. Please note that these hours can be either authorised, or non authorised, or a combination of both.

For further information in relation to TCPD, including the differences between authorised and non-authorised TCPD and whether or not you are eligible to claim travel and accommodation expenses for TCPD, please see the TCPD FAQs section of this website.

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Trainee Continuous Professional Development

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