Trainee support

The Society provides a dedicated help and support service specifically aimed to meet your needs.

You can contact the Society to discuss any issue you might have with your traineeship on a confidential or anonymous basis. An experienced member of staff will be able to offer you guidance, advice and assistance should you need help in dealing with issues or difficulties affecting your traineeship.

We aim to assist you whether you are seeking formal intervention or simply looking to discuss the issue without formal action being taken. We have helped many trainees who have not wished to identify themselves or their employer but the Society is unable to intervene directly if not made aware of the name of the individual, firm or organisation.

The Society's Admissions Sub-Committee has the power to intervene in training contracts if, after investigation, it is thought necessary.

Katie Wood, Head of Admissions in the Society's Education, Training & Qualifications team and Secretary to the Admissions Sub-Committee, is the Society's contact for any trainee who is looking for help, support or advice on their traineeship. She can also refer individual cases to the committee if appropriate.

For additional information, please contact or phone 0131 476 8162.

Katie Wood Press Quote Trainee Helpline: So, who are you gonna call?

Read Katie's blog to find out more about the types of issues that the helpline deals with every day. 


Worried about the termination of your training contract?

We have issued a policy statement on this.

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